29 July 2009

Nick Robinson’s career development – Part 2

Dam.  Why didn't I think of this.  Jane Merrick has come up with a much better idea for Nick Robinson. Talking about Cameron’s interview with Marr:

….in the otherwise very dull Marr interview (by the way, I thought Nick Robinson v good interviewing Peter Mandelson last night, especially when the First Sec was wriggling over use of word "cuts"; perhaps Nick should take over the Sunday prime slot - what would it be called: Breakfast with Robbo? Robinson's Morning Jam? Er, maybe not.)

What a good idea.  We may even get some sport rather than those silly culture slots that Marr insists in forcing upon us on a Sunday morning.

I may have include Jane Merrick in one of my top 10 blogs.  God bless her.

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1 comment:

  1. YES ! YES ! YES !!

    This is it !! YES !! That's hit the spot !!

    Of course, this is the answer to getting rid of that bloody awful Andy Marr programme. He is fine [well, 'ish..' ] on Radio 4..

    But I agree that Robinson could potentially be a worthy successor to David Frost, if he could be bothered [persuaded?] to get up early on a Sunday morning...

    "I'll have what he's having..."