31 July 2009

Whatever next. Robert Peston wants Nick Robinson’s job!

I take it all back.  Nick Robinson will have to stay right where he is.  There will be no move to Newsnight or to the Sunday morning slot.  All bets are off.  Just look what Pandora is reporting in the Indy:

While Nick Robinson enjoyed a successful stint as guest host on Newsnight this week, his high-profile colleague and rival Robert Peston – the BBC Business Editor who is said to covet Robinson's gig as the corporation's political supremo – announces that he is far too busy for similar undertakings.

When asked yesterday about whether he might fill Robinson's shoes and become BBC political editor, Peston was unusually quiet.

Dam it.  I had forgotten all about Peston’s former political work and his biography of Brown to boot.  He will be nothing more than he is now, a New Labour mouthpiece wearing a different hat.  It will not matter if Labour are in government or opposition.  The lad’s father is the economist Maurice Peston, now a Labour Lord.  The whole family is Labour through to the marrow of their bones.

This must be stopped.

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1 comment:

  1. Peston is another I'd like to slap with a wet kipper. I watched his performances throughout days of the banking breakdown. He fell over himself so often trying to be first with the breaking news, that he didn't realise how often he divulged too much information.

    Labour mouthpiece indeed.

    Truthfully Howard, it's not often I watch Newsnight now but I always record the 20 minutes Scotland gets from 11-11.20. I rely on the likes of you to tell me if anything is worth watching on iPlayer.

    See? You're really useful you know. :)