20 July 2009

How the Brown’s make ends meet

The Brown family are obviously struggling to make ends meet on Gordon’s salary of £194,250.  Part of the Downing Street garden has been turned into a vegetable patch:

Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife and a keen gardener, is thought to be the driving force behind the Downing Street vegetables.

Lettuces from the garden are currently being sold for £1.98 each in the Number 10 canteen, which is in the basement of the building, and if sales go well, more produce could be sold there and in other venues on Whitehall, a source said.

Of course, the Brown’s do not pocket the money.  Perish the thought.  However, we taxpayers get a double whammy.  We pay for the garden to be looked after and then again when the vegetables are sold.

Not flash.  Just Gordon boosting public revenue.

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