29 July 2009

Come on Mandy, out with it. What is going on?

On whether there will be a US-style, live television debate between Brown and Cameron (not forgetting Nick Clegg) during the next general election:

Here is Mandy:

I don't think Gordon would have a problem with that.  While Cameron is good with words, he doesn't have the ideas or policies to back them. I think people would see through the smile.  The more the public sees of them, the more they'd realise that Gordon is the man with the substance.

Cameron responds:

I pressed Gordon about it in the House of Commons and he was against it if he's changed his mind I'd be delighted.  I've always believed that television debates between the party leaders would actually add to a general election, would bring it alive.

The Lib Dems:

The Liberal Democrats would welcome a televised debate with the other two leaders.  Since he became leader Nick Clegg has been taking part in open town hall meetings around the country and we look forward to giving people the chance to see who really has the vision for a fairer country.

But wait.  Back in the bunker they are having other ideas:

The position hasn’t changed. Voters have the chance to compare the party leaders each week at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Brown and Mandy are not at one.  Just what is going on?  Mandy is not one to shoot from the hip.  All is well planned and executed as far as the real prime minister is concerned.  He is having a few thoughts.  That Newsnight interview was the clue.

Labour's summer of love moves on……

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  1. I thought Mandy had come out years ago?

  2. A Cameron-Johnson debate???

    Won't be Mandelson.

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