16 July 2009

Another of Iain Dale’s lists

Dale loves his lists.  The other week he posted on the number of followers the so called ‘Top Blogs’ have on Twitter.  Cricket statistics are far more stimulating but each to his own.

Now he would like an e-mail listing your ten favourite blogs and the details are here.  Of course, if you use the link from this post then you will only have to list a another nine blogs. 

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  1. Howard they're all fixed long beforehand I'm sure.

  2. Subrosa, You should be careful what you say. You make the top No 10

  3. Never Howard. I'm just pleased I have the readers I do and they return. Wikio gives me a good rating, although I've no idea why so that's ok with me.

    I don't blog to get accolades, I do it to inform and learn and I've learned far more from reading the likes of you blog plus my own readers' comments.

    I'm sure you'll do well.

  4. I agree with your sentiments. I am with you all the way.