18 July 2009

Hutton: The Brown tragedy

Due to time management constraints on Sunday, I thought it would be best to get Straight Talk dealt with tonight.  John Hutton doesn't disappoint.

Cuts versus investment, too crude an analysis, etc etc.

However, the fun starts about 22min 20 secs in.

Andrew Neil:

Let me put a quote to you.  It would be a f….ing disaster if GB was PM and I will do anything in my power to f…..ing stop him.  Was that anonymous Cabinet minister right?

John Hutton (attempting very well to keep a straight face):

I have a lot of respect for…..

He is really focused……

I have got to know his talents and skills….

Then in the last 30 seconds of the 25 min interview, Hutton spits it out:

The tragedy, though, is the country doesn't see that.

No, we do not, and, to be frank, nor does Hutton, otherwise he would still be a member of the government.

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