18 July 2009

Up, up, up this Sunday morning

Set your alarm clocks for super Sunday and cancel all previous engagements.

General Sir Richard Dannatt and our next prime minister are on Marr.  Then at 10.00 switch over to Adam Boulton to watch our next elected prime minister and Mandy, who had both better be on before 11.00 when England's historic day starts at Lord’s.

There is the golf, a game once described to me as how to spoil a good walk.

And if that is not enough, John Hutton appears on Straight Talk with Andrew Neil.  I have a feeling they may not like what he has to say in the bunker.

Should be a wonderful day.

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1 comment:

  1. I shall set the Sky Howard. It's seldom these days I bother with the Marr show, but just for you ...