23 July 2009

Brown will make life impossible for Cameron and he is already succeeding

While we all wait for Norwich North and for the speculation to move up a gear as to whether Brown will survive, it is worth considering what Our Dear leader is really up to.  The announcement on electric trains to Wales gives a clue and what Dizzy says another.  It is plain and simple, Brown is going to attempt to make it impossible for Cameron to govern effectively.

Let us assume that Brown knows the game is up.  His main purpose, therefore, is to make Cameron’s life in Downing Street as difficult possible, in the hope that the Tories will fail in their first term.  So, what does he do?  He announces policies that are impossible to roll out or are designed ‘to triangulate the Tories’, as Dizzy suggests.

Take the the plan to electrify the London to Swansea route.  As I discussed, it is a near impossible project to complete and may have to cancelled because of the lack of funds.  The most sensible electrification to announce would have been the Midland main line, a far easier project to execute.

Possibly, I am being too clever by half in suggesting what Brown is attempting to do, but I don’t think so.  I have already heard that the Tory transport team have expressed a view that what was announced by Adonis is a deliberate attempt to embarrass them.  In other words, Labour get the plaudits for the announcement and the Tories get criticism when next year they have to cancel it as there is no money.

Watch out for more of the same from Brown as we move towards an election that Labour knows it has already lost.

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  1. You say "The most sensible electrification to announce would have been the East Coast main line, a far easier project to execute" Erm, I live in the North East and use the ECML for tripd to both London and Edinburgh. There seem to be a awful lot of live cables runing the full length of this line already without a another lot being added............

  2. Thanks and appreciate that. My mistake. Meant to say Midland main line. Now corrected.