22 July 2009

What has motivated Lord Malloch-Brown?

Easy come, easy go as far as Lord Malloch-Brown’s loyalty is concerned.  His Lordship sends a parting shot at Downing Street in an interview with the Telegraph:

We definitely don’t have enough helicopters. When you have these modern operations and insurgent strikes what you need, above all else, is mobility.

That is not all:

We didn’t do a good job a month ago of warning the British public that we and the Americans were going on the offensive in Helmand. This is a new operation; the whole purpose is to win control. These deaths have happened ... after we chose to go on the offensive.

And Lord Malloch-Brown also suggested that the Taliban may have to contribute to a future Afghan government for there to be peace in the region.

Finally, on Brown’s chances at the next election:

It looks incredibly bleak.

Just what has been going on here?  Firstly, we have the oddly timed resignation and secondly, we had Malloch-Brown’s comments on Iraq last week and now this.

Malloch-Brown and Our Dear Leader have known each other well for years.  It was because of that relationship that he left the UN and joined the government.  Also, both families have young children, are close and often socialise at weekends.

All this makes Malloch-Brown’s resignation and what followed since most odd, although he does have a reputation for speaking his mind.  He has nothing to gain my making these statements.  His political career is finished.

What have Malloch-Brown and Moses fallen out about?  With the suddenness of his resignation and what has followed, it can only be concluded that the truth about Malloch-Brown’s departure has yet to be revealed.

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