11 July 2009

Malloch-Brown’s loyalty to Brown disappears

When Lord Malloch-Brown resigned for "personal and family reasons" he stated, “I remain completely loyal to the Prime Minister.”  During the intervening four days he has reflected on his initial statement to a colleague:

Behind the scenes Malloch-Brown tried to lobby Brown to uphold his promise to hold a “comprehensive” inquiry into the Iraq war. However, when last month Brown announced the investigation was to be carried out in secret, Malloch-Brown was furious.

“Mark was incandescent. This was not what why he signed up to being a minister,” said a colleague.

Previously he had worked in the developing world:

Mark felt there was a contrast between the professionalism and long-term planning that happened in the countries where he acted as a consultant and the chaotic nature of Whitehall.

….he had seen better “strategic thinking” in Latin America and southeast Asia than at No 10.

His wife must have put her foot down as he presumably was always arriving home in a filthy mood.

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