17 July 2009

Shock Horror: Brown is going to listen

This must be a first and very welcome it is to.  The BBC reports that the PM 'will listen to Army demands'.  This comes on the back General Sir Richard Dannatt’s interview on Today when he said he was compiling a “shopping list” of what was required to support ‘our boys’.

Mandy has also decided intervene:

I don't think General Dannatt is politicising anything, I think he's doing his job

All opposition politicians need to be wary of politicising this issue. It's not needed, it's not welcome, and it's not a good place to go.

Of course, neither Dannatt or Cameron are politicising the issue, it is Mandy that has just done that.  Not a smart move.  Cameron has been asking legitimate questions on the levels of equipment for the Army, which rightly demand answers not cheap political points.

Overriding this, what will be worrying Brown and Mandy is the hemorrhaging of public and cross-party support for the war in Afghanistan.

Let us hope, for once, that Brown does listen to what Dannatt has to say and provide the equipment that is obviously needed.

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  1. Interesting post on EU Referendum Howard.


  2. Interesting and I do not take issue with what this says. Dannatt does have track record of misjudgments. What I am concentrating on is the politics which, as usual, Brown has got completey wrong and so as Mandy on this occasion.