26 July 2009

Brown learns nothing and he never will

Now for the serious news.  The Observer is reporting that Brown is planning to hold a referendum on changes to the voting system on the day of the general election:

The idea, backed by senior ministers, has come to light amid growing recriminations within the Labour party over poor campaign strategy and a lack of fresh ideas for attacking Cameron, following Labour's thumping loss in Thursday's Norwich North by-election.

Cabinet sources have revealed that one idea being developed is to paint Cameron as a leader opposed to a wide-ranging reform of the political system that voters are demanding following the scandal over MPs' expenses.

A source gives the game away with the reasoning behind such a move:

It has the added attraction that if the Tories won power and the answer in the referendum was 'yes', the first act of a Cameron government would be to do something he was fundamentally opposed to, or overturn the will of the people.

This fits Brown’s short term tactical thinking, but he still doesn't get it and has learnt nothing from Norwich North.  The electorate have had enough of Brown’s dividing lines.

There is going to be more of this.  As I have previously warned, Brown is going to make it as difficult as he can for Cameron.  The message for Dave is that he has to out manoeuvre Brown and stay one step ahead of these tactical stunts.

With Brown away for a month watching Thomas the Tank Engine with his boys, he will plenty of time to think up a manifesto full of dividing lines.

Stay with it Dave and keep hold of that Ming vase.

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