26 July 2009

Cheer up Ma'am, it will not be long now

imageFor HMQ, who has hardly put a foot wrong during her 57 year working life, it must be very frustrating to have a prime minister who can’t get anything right during each waking hour.

Remember last year, when she took herself to the LSE at the height of the credit crunch, and asked the question that Brown clearly fails to answer at their weekly fireside chats:

How come nobody could foresee it?

Well, the great and the good got together at the British Academy in June and have come up with answer:

In summary, Your Majesty, the failure to foresee the timing, extent and severity of the crisis and to head it off, while it had many causes, was principally a failure of the collective imagination of many bright people, both in this country and internationally, to understand the risks to the system as a whole.

No doubt it will please HMQ that some of her subjects were prepared to go to such great lengths to answer her very pertinent question.

Ma'am, the British people can reassure you that it will only be a matter of months before you are supported by a prime minister who will answer all questions put to him.  As an added comfort Ma’am, he is a distant member of your family, so should he able to understand your needs without difficulty.

Ma’am, in the intervening period an ex-postman may well turn up each week, although unlikely.  Should this be the case, please make him very welcome.  He communicates well and smiles naturally, both of which will come as a refreshing change to chap you have had to put up with for the past 2 years.

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