21 July 2009

Berlusconi too excited to sleep while waiting for Obama

The super-soar-away Indy is having a good try as it attempts to reverse falling sales.

The paper offers “a tantalising glimpse into how Mr Berlusconi reportedly spent the night of 4 November 2008”.

You will have to press on this link to read the story due to the family friendly nature of this blog.

Here is a teaser:


Silvio: I’m going to take a shower too. And if you finish before me, wait for me on the big bed.

Patrizia: Which bed? Putin's?

Silvio: Putin's.

Patrizia: Oh, how cute! The one with the curtains.


Silvio: Everything good?

Patrizia: Yes, you?

Silvio: Me, yes. I've worked a lot. This morning I went to open an exhibition, I made a wonderful speech, that got lots of applause, and I don't seem too tired.

Patrizia: Ah, just like me in fact. I'm not tired, I've not slept. It's just my voice that has gone.

Silvio: Eh, how come? We didn't scream.

Clearly, we have a leader at odds with Brown’s philosophy of spending all his waking hours fighting the recession.

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