22 July 2009

Will Labour’s popularity increase over the summer?

If you have booked a holiday in the Lake District this summer you are in for a treat, the Brown’s are on their way.  Whilst he is away for a month, a galaxy of stars will show Our Dear Leader how to be Prime Minister.  The beauty parade will include Mandy, Jack Straw and Alistair Darling.  Harriet Harman kicks off the "’how to do it’ show next week.

However, there is a serious point to be considered here.  Labour’s unpopularity is closely aligned to the performance of Brown, otherwise there would not be the speculation about replacing him.  Barring any unknown unknowns, Brown will not make any public appearances during his break.  Therefore, will Labour's share of the vote increase during August?  All we will need is a couple of polls towards the end of the month to prove the point.

The obvious flow from this scenario.  Will a possible increase in Labour's share of the vote put further pressure on MPs to move against Brown?  As an alternative, if the polls move will the deluded Brown think it nothing to do with him and talk up a possible autumn election?

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  1. Ah Howard, the Westminster soap opera takes to the stage. Should be interesting watching the different styles.