12 July 2009

Afghanistan: At least get the facts right

You would think that with troops fighting in the field, our esteemed national press could get the story correct.

From The Observer:

Thousands more troops could be sent to Afghanistan within months under an emergency review of the UK mission being carried out by the Ministry of Defence.

It is believed that the maximum extra deployment would be 2,000.

From the Indy:

Ministers are secretly planning to cut the number of British troops in Afghanistan, at a time when defence chiefs are appealing for thousands more reinforcements to meet the deadly threat from the resurgent Taliban.

Hours after the death toll of UK forces in Afghanistan rose above the number killed in Iraq, The Independent on Sunday established that Gordon Brown wants to bring up to 1,500 service personnel home from the war-torn country after its elections next month, seemingly on grounds of cost.

Spin, counter-spin, falsehoods, misleading information.  Call it what-you-will.  With the ever increasing death toll, is it too much to ask that we could be told with one voice what is going on?

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