01 July 2009

How we are not governed

According to Sue Cameron, the FT’s Whitehall watcher, the government and Mandy’s department are in a state of utter chaos:

Whitehall is in despair over its latest crop of ministers. I am told hardly any of them can be persuaded to concentrate on governing. "Even the new ones who have just been promoted are not doing any work," complained one civil service knight as we tucked into scaloppine al limone . "All they're interested in is their expenses - or in election manifestos or an autumn rebellion."

First secretary Lord Mandelson wanted to discuss what the various parts of his new empire would be doing now he has added DIUS - Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills - to his old department of BERR - Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. The trouble was his permanent secretary, Simon Fraser, was not too sure. Not only was the latest reshuffle a last-minute stitch-up - normally top officials can expect about a week's notice of any changes - but Mr Fraser, a career diplomat who worked as Lord Mandelson's chef de cabinet in Brussels, has never worked in a domestic department before.

We all know that the Cabinet reshuffle was a last minute stitch up but is appears that the civil service are none to happy with Brown and how he spends all his waking hours.

Not flash.  Just incompetence at the heart of government.

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