01 July 2009

How Brown manages borrowed money

What a mess.  In Brown’s rush to ‘Build Britain's future’ the funding over the social hosing programme is descending into complete farce.  They proposals must have been put to together on a back of a fag packet in blind panic by Brown and Mandy.  The Times follows up from the report of yesterday:

Seven Whitehall departments were in a standoff with the Treasury over how a £1.57 billion social housing programme announced by Gordon Brown will be funded.

A string of ministries disputed figures in a revised breakdown given to The Times by the Treasury of amounts that departments would be contributing to the policy. One Whitehall official said: “I have never known an announcement like this where money is so off the wall.”

Staggering stuff on how Brown runs Whitehall.  Not to worry folks.  All of us will pay dearly for this gross incompetence on ‘how not to it’ for years to come.

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