01 July 2009

Mandy gets his claws out

Yesterday George Osborne said the prime minister had intervened to stop him seeing a database which would help the Tories with their public spending proposals.

Mandy has issued a statement this morning:

There is a very unattractive pattern of behaviour that is starting to emerge with George Osborne, of innuendo in pursuit of a smear.

Yesterday George Osborne issued a very serious allegation that the Prime Minister had intervened to deny the opposition of information they were entitled to. This claim has been flatly denied by the Cabinet Secretary. I suggest George Osborne withdraws this deliberate untruth to avoid embarrassing his leader at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Mandy has just been on Sky repeating that Osborne has said an untruth.  Boys will be boys inside the Westminster village.

Old Mandy wallows in this mud slinging that gets absolutely nowhere apart from deflecting attention from the fact that Brown is telling falsehoods over public spending.  Hopefully Osborne will not rise to bait.

PMQs should be a lively session where the real issues will once more be overlooked.

One to watch.

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1 comment:

  1. Mandy passed Brown a handful of slime to throw at lunchtime.

    Brown just stood there and let it drip from his hand.

    Now it's a genuine Westminster Bubble story that hinges on the technicality of whether the decision not to release the data was formally taken by civil servants or ministers, when everyone knows the civil servants will do formally what the ministers tell them to do informally.

    Meanwhile, on to the "0% rise" which is the next headline....