04 February 2010

MPs’ expenses: The cost to the taxpayer, confusion and a small piece of justice

Jim Pickard has done his sums and come up with this:

An interesting piece of maths for you. Legg’s repayments come to £1.3m. But this has been reduced by £185,000 by the Sir Paul Kennedy review…..making £1.12m.

But the cost of hiring the former mandarin and his entourage has come to £1.16m.

Thus, by a whisker, the review has cost the taxpayers an extra £40k or so.

A coincidence, of course.

If you are confused on who is actually who, don't be.  Nick Robinson explains.

An finally:

Iris Robinson to payback £1,614 for a bed.

It shows that there is some justice in life.

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