04 February 2010

Brown looks to Europe to kick-start the election campaign

Having refused to have much to do with our European cousins while he was Chancellor, in a similar way as he avoided the defence chiefs, Brown is now looking for a helping hand from across the English Channel to launch his campaign for Labour’s fourth term.

Next week, the man who “saved the world” will play centre stage at a special summit to discuss the economy.  Brown will open the discussion, or rather lecture his hosts on the best way forward.  But, that is not all.

Plans are afoot for his best buddies Angela and Nicolas to visit these damp islands.  Interestingly enough, no dates have been locked in for these little trips.  A small decision precludes that happening at the present time.

Ladies and gentleman, other desperate and not-so-desperate photo opportunities will be laid before you in the coming weeks.

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  1. That's not going to work. Next to our Government, most of the people I know hate Sarkozy and Merkel... all EU crooks together...