07 February 2010

Jimmy Greaves: A genius with a leather ball

When Spurs played at home in the 60’s this young man would invite his father to leave Margaret Thatcher’s constituency for some fresh air.  We would travel to White Hart Line to watch someone who was touched by genius.  His name was Jimmy Greaves.

The Indy has an interview with The Great Man to mark his 70th birthday:

Sceptics and younger readers are urged to watch a breathtaking goal for Spurs in 1965 against Manchester United on YouTube. Receiving the ball with his back to goal 30 yards out and a marker breathing down his neck, Greaves spins, slaloms through the defence and rounds the keeper before rolling it into the net. And all in eight seconds.

A year later there was another game at Wembley.  England struggled to win 4-2 after extra time.  The reason being  that Alf Ramsey, the England manager, had picked the wrong team and left Greaves out.

The normal mediocre service that this blog provides will now resume.

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