05 February 2010

Brown’s admission: I need Blair

For the fist time since they both entered parliament together in 1983, Brown has admitted that he can’t fight an election without Blair:

Tony has a major role to play in the election. We are party that is renewing itself after 10 very successful years.

I think you will find that many people in Labour who are no longer in government but who have been part of the project for years will have a role. Tony will have to explain, when he wishes, what he can do.

An interesting choice of words when he says, “has a major role to play” rather than ‘is going to play a major role’.  We shall have to see how active and visible the three-times-election-winner will be.

So, there we have it.  The old firm will return to make up for Brown’s failures.

How odd Brown should make these comments now if the election is to be on 6 May.  Perhaps it is all part of the cunning plan that he will surprise us all with when parliament returns on 22 February.

We shall see.

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1 comment:

  1. Well Brown has tried everything by this point to pull back the lost New Labour voters in those marginals!

    And now he increasingly demonstrates a level of political weakness, vis-a-vis his own parliamentary party that is frankly worthy of John Major's mid term blues.

    Indeed to allow himself, with a very reasonable 66 seat majority to be outmaneuvered and defeated by the Liberal Democrats on the Gurkas issue indicates poor judgement and a feeling of general governmental malaise.

    Been in power too long.

    The only problem is that my Conservative lot do not seem to be offering up an alternative 'vision' or 'direction'. Cameron, although extremely able- is just not telling us what we need to know. Is he more a MacMillan or Thatcher?

    I hope for the former and not the latter.