06 February 2010

Brown and the flying ink

First we had flying nokia phones, then there were rumours of Brown’s unique way of moving the odd printer and a fax machine to a new location.  Now comes the news that Commons clerks have fallen out with each other.  Our Dear Leader is the cause:

One of the many old-fashioned touches about the House of Commons is the row of three Commons clerks who are always there during Prime Minister's Questions, seated in wigs and gowns in front of the Speaker.

On the table in front of them, there are inkwells. Could this be the last workplace in Britain with inkwells? But I hear that the clerks have been fighting one another recently to avoid having to sit on the right, nearest to Gordon Brown. When the Prime Minister is agitated, he has a way of slamming his documents on to the table, making the inkwells jump, spraying little spots of ink on to the shirt of the nearest clerk.

Heaven help these gentleman if Brown becomes Leader of the Opposition.  That will cause more than an odd inkwell to jump.

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