02 July 2009

Why Mandy is after Osborne

Mandy is after a big fish.  He spent yesterday morning trying to rubbish Osborne in the hope that is would cause a reaction and that it would deflect from his his climb-down over the part sell-off of Royal Mail. Neither worked but this will not worry The Master Spinner.  There will be more and boy George needs to look out. 

Osborne is a pivotal member of Cameron’s team and clearly Mandy is determined to cause trouble in the hope that it will destabilise the Tories.  Fraser Nelson has the details:

The extent of Mr Osborne’s importance to the Cameroon project was revealed this week in a report by Conservative Intelligence, a new group headed by Tim Montgomerie.  A former Tory staffer himself, he spoke to 50 of the party’s key players in order to produce a diagram of where power lies.  Mr Osborne’s name was mentioned to him far more often than that of Mr Cameron himself. On an operational basis, all roads do seem to lead to the shadow chancellor’s office.

Osborne’s other jobs include that of general election co-ordinator, which means he has accrued many powers previously held by the party chairman. He is also de facto policy chief.

Nothing new here except it highlights how indispensible Osborne is to Cameron.  Mandy, of course, has worked all this all out.  Be prepared for further dirt to fly in Osborne’s direction.  After all, Mandy has no policy work to keep him occupied after the humiliation of yesterday.

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