09 July 2009

Has Cameron got this right?

According to Nick Robinson, Cameron is standing by Coulson and that view will not change even if he is called to give evidence to the Commons Media Select Committee.

This decision is critical for Cameron.  If he has got this wrong and Coulson has to resign after the expected further police investigation, his credibility and judgement are going to left very exposed in crucial period leading up to the election.

Meanwhile, Labour has Coulson exactly where they want him:

Another Labour insider said that senior party figures had been thrashing out a strategy to target Coulson since the news emerged yesterday. The source said the aim was have Coulson ‘wounded, but still there'.

Cameron is certainly taking the high risk option with a story that only just began.

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1 comment:

  1. Unless there's something big waiting to come out - and the police statement indicates otherwise - Coulson is probably safe. Without an explosive revelation that has public resonance, this is what No 10 spinners love to call "Westminster bubble" gossip.

    Worth remembering when Coulson was hired by Cameron, McBride was spinning and smearing away....