09 July 2009

Coulson is not safe yet

Little doubt that Coulson is breathing a little easier tonight after the police decided not to investigate further.  However, this is far from over.  Coulson has to face the Commons Media Select Committee and it is vital that he comes through that unscathed if he wants to keep his job.  Then there is a possible independent investigation into the police's handling of this affair.

Hackgate still has legs and Coulson is now wounded and could well remain the story.  As I have discussed, Labour’s strategy has more or less worked.  One further point.  I not convinced that it matters if Coulson is able to keep the press on side over this or that, for obvious reasons, the Murdoch press will keep a low profile.  At the end of the day mud sticks and perceptions count.

Hackgate may not be a political game changing event, but today has called into question Cameron’s judgement on the vital matter on who he appoints to his team and could well still backfire in unexpected ways.

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  1. wonderfulforhisageJuly 9, 2009 at 10:13 PM

    Those who live by Spin/PR; die by Spin/PR.

    Would that there were a leader of a major party with principles.

  2. The BBC have not shut up about it all night!