01 July 2009

Brown gets away from it all

Our Dear Leader has taken a break from the Downing Street hot house and is on timely 3-day rail tour of his Kingdom.  The man needs a change of scene after his authority is further undermined:

1. The part sell-off of Royal Mail is officially abandoned.  Mandy’s excuse was the recession but we all know the real reasons.  It would only get through the Commons with Tory support;

2. Brown defeated on a clause to the hastily produced Parliamentary Standards Bill after Malcolm Jack, the Commons clerk, had warned the move would have a “chilling effect” on MPs’ freedom of speech; and

3. We had the 0% moment.  Enough said.

Tip 1 for Brown:  When you get back to bunker call Alan Johnson in for a chat.  He will teach how it is done in an efficient way, with little spin and no hype.  Listen to what he says as this guy may cause you a bit of bother in a few months;

Tip 2 for Brown:  Whatever you do during your break please don't mention Andy Murray or wish him good luck.  The nation is relying on your restraint.

Have a good trip.

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1 comment:

  1. My train home tonight was cancelled. The Curse of Brown strikes again...