07 February 2009

An odd Royal announcement

Stories concerning the Royal Family will not get much attention on this blog unless they concern the Queen in her official capacity.  This one, reported in The Times and elsewhere, is very odd.  The Queen has cancelled a forthcoming state visit to the Gulf states.  The reasons given are diary clashes with the G20 and a state visit by President Calderón of Mexico.


All these dates have been locked in for sometime.  The planning for such visits takes months.  It is a known fact that the Queen likes routine and does not like sudden changes to her schedule.  The Palace is denying the cancellation is anything to do with the Duke’s health.

Why would the Duke’s health stop the Queen going alone unless of course his health was a serious concern?  Could it be that the Duke’s health issue is not the issue, but the Queen’s?  Why make such a public announcement?  The destination of the trip was not known.

I am not convinced about reasons given for the cancellation of the trip.  Is the Palace laying the ground for an event we are not aware of?

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