06 February 2009

Alastair Campbell starts a blog

As I posted below, Alastair Campbell has started a blog.


This is welcome news.  I have much time for him and the strategic thinking that he put in place for New Labour.  I expect his posts to be thought provoking.  They will stimulate debate across the political spectrum.

With his obvious high profile, his posts will get much attention not only on the blogosphere but in the national press.  This can only be a good thing as Labour do need a blog that balances out the very good Tory blogs that have taken hold.

I look forward to his posts and the debate they will generate.

Initially he could do us all a favour and use his influence and stop Derek Draper using the dreadful LabourList and Twitter to have personal spats with other bloggers, particularly Iain Dale.  The blog is a community.  I am sure Alastair appreciates this.

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  1. "This is welcome news. I have much time for him and the strategic thinking that he put in place for New Labour. I expect his posts to be thought provoking. They will stimulate debate across the political spectrum."

    Well, you have just lost my vote for new blogger of the year. Campbell is a poisonous and odious toad who spun Blair and Brown and their creatures into power two more times than they deserved and we are living with the consequences.

    His role in the David Kelly affair was despicable. I won't comment on his self-confessed psychological flaws as that would force me to include similar comments on that other nutter, Derek Draper. (Damn, didn't want to give him any publicity either!)

    Oh well, you plough your furrow. I'll just furrow my brow and wonder if the person who inspired the name of your blog would approve.

  2. Ted, I appreciate your comments and indeed cannot disagree with anything you have said. The thoughts behind my post are these:

    1. Whatever Campbell faults, he is an important figure and I think his blog will add to the debate that takes place on the blogosphere. Labour does need an authoritative blog to redress the balance and he may well provide it;

    2. His role in the David Kelly affair, especially his reaction when Hutton reported, was unacceptable. He has redeemed himself somewhat. I am interested in his views on current and futures events as others will be. He can't just be ignored.

    3. As I have said LabourList is dreadful. Something needs to be done about Draper's attitude to other blogger's both on LabourList and on Twitter. I am attempting to get Campbell involved and hope he can do something about it. The blogosphere is a community and we should stick together.

    I am happy to continue the debate on my post. That is what blogs are for. I will now follow yours.

  3. Seems to me you should agree to disagree and have done with it. I cannot see how you can reconcile these diametrically opposite positions!

  4. Events... - appreciate your measured and thoughtful response. Certainly agree with your comments on Draper and don't dispute that Campbell is a person of note in the political history of this country. However, I don't like him and would rather catch the clap than have him as fellow traveller!

    OK, I am just being provocative for the sake of it! Can we still be friends because actually your blog is rather good and I have been enjoying reading your stuff?

    Cheers, in blogginess!

  5. Ted,

    Yep we continue as friends. Let us see how Campbell's blog develops. He may choose to be objective and thought provoking. Certainly he will be better than LabourList.

    Time will tell!

    Keep the comments coming.