04 February 2009

Obama’s local difficulty

I hate to make matters worse for Obama, who clearly has a credibility problem that he has not addressed fully.  It is OK to say sorry and then take the blame for the cabinet appointments that have gone wrong.  But if he keeps saying sorry the American public will lose faith in him quick time.

Here’s the issue.  As a matter of consistency surely Tim Geithner has to resign?  He is now in office having admitted to the same errors over tax to the 3 that have withdrawn.

It is only a matter of consistency!

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1 comment:

  1. No, it a was a steady build up. If Geithner had been clean, Daschle would have been ok. But Daschle was one step too far. Plus, health care is a huge issue and needs a squeaky clean leader. The idea that Geithner has to go is absurd. Your moral yardstick is set too high....