05 February 2009

The BBC is a national joke

I had not taken much interest in the BBC and the Carol Thatcher affair, but this morning the 8.10 slot on Today took my breath away.

Jay Hunt, controller of BBC One, came over (to put in mildly) as vindictive, emotional and condemning of Carol Thatcher.   She relished in a complete assassination of her.

It seems to be accepted that Ms Thatcher did make the remark about you know what to a group of people in the privacy of a room at the BBC.  Some appeared to take offence.  Did these people really take offence or did they take it upon themselves to smear Ms T, not because of what she said but who she is?

Now the royal household is in on the act, removing the offence item from sale at one of it’s gift shops.

The blame for this episode becoming out of control is firmly at the BBC’s door.  They should have killed the episode stone dead, but no, they have whipped up a frenzy that presently shows no sign of going away.

This is the same organisation that shows continued support for Jonathan Ross, who did cause great offence on air to the innocent Andrew Sachs.

Enough I say, enough.  If the BBC will not put it’s house in order after a number of misjudgements and blunders over the last few months then somebody has to.

The Government needs to take action, and install a person into the BBC with sound judgement and the knowhow to sort this shambles of an organisation out.

At present the BBC is a national joke.

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  1. Mind you, has anyone looked to see if the government had any bad news to bury?

  2. Indeed so. That is why it will do nothing. Brown will be happy for this to consume as much air time as possible.

  3. The BBC is applying ludicrous levels of 'political correctness'. Probably was wrong to say it but surely some better way of managing the problem could have been found?