05 February 2009

Mandy can’t have it both ways

The Government can’t have it both ways with management of the banks.  Either it wants a hands off approach or it doesn’t.  The Times this morning reported that RBS will pay millions in bonuses.


Mandy has weighed in this morning saying:

Please be mindful about how this looks and what public opinion will be

Well off course the banks have to be mindful.

Much better to have had a quiet word rather than use the usual overbearing spin.  If you want to have people on your side, why wind them up in public, especially has no decisions have been made.

Much better for him if he showed some leadership over the BBC.  Some hope!

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  2. This is true. I have made a brief comment about this in my blog, the Huck, and also with regard to Teresa Jowell's comments about this issue on the Daily Politics.

    This government does not display leadership in times when the public turns to its government to take action.

  3. Please provide me the link to your blog and I will add it to my blog list.