01 February 2009

Cheap, nasty, and insulting

If this report in the Sunday Telegraph is true and Baroness Scotland is to be appointed as the next UK Ambassador to the US, it is cheap, nasty, and insulting.

Sir Christopher Meyer, the source of the rumour says:

From what I know of Obama, it would go against everything he stands for if someone were appointed because of their race

What credentials does Baroness Scotland have be appointed to the UK’s most senior diplomatic post?

This is nothing more than a cheap gesture that is typical of the New Labour culture.

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  1. I have to admit I know little about her. The piece you link to suggests she has a little experience in foreign affairs. But Obama is going to need someone who knows the political ground and diplomatic history in detail. It's not going to do the country any good to have an ambassador who needs a few months to get into things.

  2. I take your point. It is what is behind the appointment that concerns me. I just think it is plain wrong to have much a cynical political appointment.