01 February 2009

No end of the lesson for Brown

Moses just rolls around in his own spin and sadly believes it all.

After “British jobs for British workers” he has learnt nothing.

He has said on the BBC Politics Show:

You'll find that no government in history is doing more to try and find ways that we can help people who are unemployed back in to work as quickly as possible

He is just beyond parody.  He just insults everything he touches.

Anyone feel like me, in that you can’t take much more?

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  1. I had to give up watching after a short while, popped back into the room a while later and it was just as bad, so I gave up.

    For some reason Gorgon seems to have that effect on me — and I generally pay more attention to these things than most of the population would. That tells us something, doesn't it? Yes, only a tiny fraction of British people will still be paying much if any attention to the Prime Mentalist.

  2. Similar here John. I couldn't actually watch so popped into the study where I thought I could just listen. Didn't work.

    For years I respected Gordon Brown in the same way I respected John Smith etc. He was part of the 'brainy' political set here in Scotland.

    Since he vanished during the Iraq war debacle (he wasn't to be found for days once the war started), I was rather suspicious. Intelligence can be bought, common sense can't.