09 February 2010

There will be turkeys voting for Christmas in the Commons tonight

You have to take your hat off to Gordon Brown.  How does he do it?  From his deathbed he has convinced the LibDems to vote in favour of holding a referendum on electoral reform.  Perhaps Nick Clegg hasn't read the analysis Michael Thrasher and Colin Rallings published in Saturday’s Times, which shows the Alternative Vote proposal is more unfair than the system we have now.

But wait.  Is there hope that rebel Labour MPs will embarrass the Prime Minster on a key plank of his cynical election strategy?  It appears not:

A number of Labour MPs are also thought to be sceptical of the idea and, with time for parliamentary business running out before the election, the measure stands little chance of becoming law.

As a result several would-be Labour rebels told the BBC they would not vote against the government, one declaring: "It's dead before it's even started - so what's the point?"

Oh well. It would be asking too much for Labour MPs to organise a successful rebellion.

Brown survives yet again, and with it the last slim chance of Alan Johnson becoming PM before the next election.

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