03 February 2010

The election date: What will Brown do – Part III

As Brown prepares himself for something he hates doing; making a decision about anything, not least about the election date, a couple of matters are “bobbing around like a cork in water”, to use Mandelson’s wonderful phase.

First, we have the little details of a poll published in the Indy which says Brown “is as much to blame for the Iraq war as Tony Blair”.

Hardly good news for Brown as prepares to face Chilcot.

Second, comes the news that an influential think tank is far from happy with the way Brown does his sums, and notes:

The forecasts will also undermine the Chancellor's insistence that Britain's prized AAA credit rating is not under threat.

These small matters should be added to the list of pros and cons we have prepared for Our Dear Leader, who has to decide very soon between a March or May election.

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