01 February 2010

Cameron is firmly on the back foot

Having confused everyone at Davos, including himself, Cameron and George Osborne took the another wrong turn yesterday when they both went on national television:

David Cameron and George Osborne today confirmed a shift in Tory thinking on tackling the deficit, suggesting they would be able to make only limited spending cuts this summer, and only by acting in conjunction with the Bank of England.

If that wasn't enough entertainment to satisfy the lunchtime punters, Mandelson appeared on the same programme as Cameron (wrong move again, Dave).  His Lordship did have some fun:

He's [Brown] not sort of Terry Wogan or Des O'Connor in the way that some people see David Cameron.

There is no airbrushing Gordon Brown. It is sometimes difficult to hairbrush Gordon Brown.

[Cameron] presents a nice, attractive flow of soundbites when he's talking to one audience and occasionally saying different things when he's talking to a different audience.

Mandy was just playing yesterday.  The far more serious follow-up act is to come, not to mention Brown’s latest dividing line.

Team Cameron is going to have to resolve their little difficulties in double quick time.  Labour have got Dave exactly where they want him at the moment, and it shows.

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