03 February 2010

Brown’s little problem with parliamentary reform

It’s all very well for Brown to create yet another dividing line with the Tories over voting reform, but he may have been rather too-clever-by-half over the small matter of parliamentary reform:

Brown told the House of Commons liaison committee that MPs could either take or leave his approach to parliamentary reform, and that he would probably not give MPs a chance to vote to support the full package of reforms ­proposed by the Wright committee on parliamentary modernisation.

Why pick a fight weeks before an election?  There are more than a few Labour MPs are not happy with Brown’s approach. 

However, there is something else.  Nick Clegg wants the proposals to go through.  Having scored two open goals against Brown over the Gurkhas and Chilcot, place your bets on this young man as he attempts to score a hat-trick.

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