04 July 2009

Together they could bring Brown down


Taken yesterday when Blair, sporting a black eye, was presented with the Fenner Brockway medal for his contribution to British-Indian relations.

You wouldn't have thought the man on the right had sacked the one on the left twice.  What would a body language expert make of the direct eye contact?

During the applause they have a short conversation

TB: How can you stand him?

PM: I can’t but I have him by the balls.

TB: It should have been June.

PM: I know.  I am just not that sure about Alan Johnson.

TB: Agreed and Miliband has blown it.

PM. Fancy standing in Glasgow North East?  Your mate Woy [Roy Jenkins] made his comeback in Scotland.

TB: I mentioned it to Cherie and finished up with a black eye.

PM: What are we to do?

TB: You will have to give up your peerage?

PM: Never.

The applause dies down as ‘never’ echoes around the room.

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