06 July 2009

They love Brown in Europe


They all love him.  They can’t get enough of him.  It doesn't matter what us poor beleaguered voters think or want.  The Cabinet may be at war but no matter, Brown is safe and secure in his job.  Well, at least until the Lisbon treaty comes into force:

European leaders are so desperate for Gordon Brown to stay in power until after the Lisbon treaty comes into force that they are willing to make compromises to shore up his political position.

Diplomatic sources have told The Times that Mr Brown’s negotiating position with other European leaders is enhanced because they fear that a leadership challenge and early general election this year could sink the treaty, due to come into force by Christmas. The Conservatives are committed to a referendum on Lisbon if they are elected before it is ratified.

What a carry on.  No wonder Europe’s leaders can’t work out where to stand.

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