05 July 2009

The real problem with Woodward

It seems that Brown’s judgement is lacking yet again.  The real problem with Shaun Woodward is the wrong advice he is giving Brown over public spending:

However, a Downing Street insider has revealed that Woodward’s influence has triggered a bitter row behind the scenes, with senior figures including Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, blaming him for a “calamitous strategic miscalculation”.

At least two senior aides last week warned Brown that Woodward was making their jobs “untenable”.

“Shaun is causing mayhem. Gordon trusted him to give sensible advice, but he has been a disaster. There are people who are ready to walk out if he doesn’t go,” the insider said.

Insiders say Woodward has undue influence over the prime minister, because “he is telling Gordon what he wants to hear”.

There are fears at the highest level that Woodward is jeopardising Labour’s election chances by encouraging the prime minister to stick to his mantra that Labour will continue to invest in public services, while the Tories will make cuts.

No free food hamper from Sainsbury’s for guessing who will win this little battle of ideas.  Good-bye Shaun.

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