08 July 2009

Nixon and Brown: Similar but not the same


Who is who?  You may very well ask.  Jonathan Freedland is not the first person to make the comparison between Brown and Nixon, although his article suggests that he is.  Here is Peter Morgan, author of Frost/Nixon and The Deal, who noticed similar personalities between the two men:

They are people who are hard to like, people who have complicated emotional inner landscapes, and somehow have had trouble accessing them.

People will hate me for saying this, but there are emotional similarities between Gordon Brown and Richard Nixon. Gordon Brown finds it hard to be liked and yet he's a brilliant man. But people don't warm to him, they don't like him. Tony Blair is liked, and David Frost is liked, because they have a charm – an ease.

As Freedland says:

Nixon committed great crimes – and Brown has done nothing of the sort.

Indeed not.

It is just both, in their different ways, have been rather too economical with the truth.  Oh, and Nixon did win two elections.

Brown’s premiership and his road to it resembles that of Anthony Eden, but that is another story.

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