03 July 2009

It is Gordon Brown who is dishonest

This is a part transcript of an interview that Brown has given to Channel 4 as he tours the UK:

If someone is called dishonest, there is an assumption that there is some wilful desire to mislead and that there is some corruption involved.  I don't think that is the case.

What we are trying to do at the moment is to get the country through a very difficult period and the language of politics is sometimes not well suited to the need for the country to work together to get out of recession.

There is a crudity developed in the language that people use in politics that people are now accepting as almost everyday language. People have got to think twice before they make accusations.

I do not make personal attacks on people. I have tried to avoid doing that during my political career. But equally I understand that the language of politics can sometimes descend into people making quite crude accusations.

This follows Mandy saying this about Osborne:

There is a very unattractive pattern of behaviour that is starting to emerge with George Osborne, of innuendo in pursuit of a smear.

As Brown attempts to rise above the mud slinging, just remember this is the same man who employed McBride; the same man who called off the election saying it was nothing to do with the polls; the same man who denied that that he wanted to move Darling; the same man who personally undermined Blair in September 2006; the same man who was responsible for misleading voters over 10p tax; the same man who sanctioned the Tory ‘toff’ campaign; and the same man who is misleading the Commons over public expenditure cuts.  Anything else?

I wonder if Brown ever sits back and wonders why the electorate is so disillusioned with politicians and the political process.

If the atmosphere is unpleasant now and begins to turn nasty, just imagine what the election campaign is going to be like.

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