08 July 2009

How Alan Johnson could become PM

Political Betting has a post on how the election could be delayed by three years using a technicality:

The only statutory requirement to move writs for a general election is under the Meeting of Parliament Act 1694, which allows no less than three years between the dissolution and the writs being issued. In other words, technically, the election doesn’t have to be held until June 2013.

It is all rather fanciful, as obviously Parliament has to sit and pass laws as the piece points out.  However, delaying the election by a few weeks or months surely makes Brown less secure and gives Labour MPs every reason to put Alan Johnson in place.

Well maybe.  Back in reality land there would be a public outcry if the election was delayed for the Labour party’s advantage, e.g. if the economy had not recovered as Brown hopes.

The only way this 1694 Act could be used if there was a national emergency or an international incident.

Still, anything is possible I suppose.  It will certainly give Mandy something to think about.

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