06 July 2009

Dave is having a bad Monday morning

The boy wonder appears to be off-form this morning.  We have had the splash in The Times, which thankfully he back tracked on during this interview.  Then we have the posturing about quangos, which Nick Robinson sums up well.  However, it was his comments on public sector pay that are a worry.

In his interview on Today, he declined to back calls for a freeze in public sector pay, but said that said the level of pay would be much tighter in the future and it should all be left to the independent pay review bodies.

All very well and it is obvious why he will not wish to get on the wrong side of millions of public sector workers this side of an election, but this simply will not do.  On the one hand he calls for Brown to be honest about public spending, and then when asked about the pay element he ducks the issue.

Cameron can’t have it both ways.  Brown is side stepping the public sector spending issue for the same reasons Cameron has now ducked the pay element.  He is going to have to clarify his position otherwise Mandy & Co will be all over this.

The boy Dave is going to have to be consistent in his approach to the public sector issue otherwise he will be left rather exposed.

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