09 July 2009

Alastair Campbell’s advice to Cameron

Alastair Campbell posts about the significance of the Guardian’s story and offers his advise to Cameron:

It is not my place to advise Cameron, or Coulson. But if it were, I would be saying to Cameron to find out very quickly whether Coulson did act in any way improperly, and to act accordingly if he thinks he did. And if I were Coulson, I would be totally honest with Cameron to help him make that decision.

When the Damian McBride emails first surfaced, it was obvious where it was going to end. If Cameron thinks that this situation might also end in him having to lose his right-hand man, better to do it quickly.

As a journalist, it didn't take long for Campbell to appreciate the importance of this story and he is being fair, not only in what he says about Coulson’s role, but to the other parties involved.

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  1. Not the same as McBride, as McBride was working for Brown when caught red-handed.

    Also, McBride didn't go straight away - it was the Guido Fawkes emails that toppled him after the initial Telegraph article.

    As pointed out on Guido's blog, Coulson is more like Alastair Campbell - up to his elbows in the rougher media practices, and appointed by Cameron precisely because of this. I don't know Coulson but I doubt he has Campbell's track record of excesses, particularly in his new job.

    If this story runs past the weekend, or if there is a smoking gun, Coulson will have to go. However, the fact that the Murdoch papers won't want to cover the issue more than the bare minimum may limit exposure.

  2. Your points are valid. The problem for Cameron is that mud sticks. I understand that the Guardian has more that will be published on Friday. However, whether this involves Coulson remains to be seen.