13 July 2009

Alastair Campbell is right, but

Alastair Campbell sets out what Brown must do today:

In his statement on the G8 Summit today, Gordon Brown will of course pay tribute to those who have lost their lives, and update MPs on the war. He should use the occasion to set out the whole story, remind people how it started, why it had to be waged, why it needs to continue to be waged to take on the terrorist threat at source, explain the direct link.

There is just one problem, it is Gordon Brown that has to do it.  Yes, he may do as Campbell suggests but he will sound wooden without conviction.  It will be when it comes to the Q&A’s that it will all fall apart.  It will all statistics and dividing lines.  Brown will not be able to help himself.

I hope I am wrong.  We shall see.

If it was Blair, he would act and lead as a prime minister should.  But with Brown, it is so different.

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  1. Still doesn't make it right whatever reasons he gives. I believe none of them.

  2. Campbell means spin and lie to make up a direct link....maybe a "dossier" detailing the terrorist threat?