09 February 2009

Draper is at it again

Draper posts this on the awful LabourList:

Just to make sure everyone knows that the so-called independent "Centre for Open Politics" which is trying to stir up trouble for Jacqui Smith is none other than a front organisation  for.... Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes. His frontman for the operation, Harry Cole, is a well connected Conservative. Staines put up the money for the "Centre" and is clearly its guiding (geddit!?!) light (though to be fair he has also used it to attack some Tories). He is also, in fact, rather hands on, answering the phone himself today to several journalists. While admitting he is behind the group if asked Guido doesn't make it clear even on his own blog (see right). Come on now Paul, I thought you were in favour of transparency.


Apart from giving Guido some free publicity.  So what!

Of course people who write blogs have other interests.  These personal attacks by Draper should stop.  What do they achieve?

UPDATE: I have removed LabourList from my blog list.

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  1. harry cole = tory bear

  2. Don't link to him. It's what he wants you to do.

  3. What a dreadful little man he is. I wanted to post an uncivil comment on Labourlist but that would require me to register, and the mere thought of doing so makes my blood run cold. Perhaps what is almost more sphincter-tightening is the laudatory post by the utter tit who agrees with Dolly's nonsense.

  4. I don't think Draper has dealt with all his demons yet. I wonder why the people that have bankrolled his sad attempt at being a Labour attack dog thought he was the right man for the job?

    I wouldn't link to him - certainly not publicly - as he will see this as some kind of success.

  5. Odious man. I refuse to even visit his blog.

  6. Iain,

    Advice from you will always be accepted I can assure you.

    Draper is not acting in the spirit of the blogosphere. Prescott should have a word with him.

  7. My Links to him will stop as of now! Idiot