11 February 2009

Cameron did not knife Brown

Cameron failed to knife Brown today.  He was obviously wrong footed in his preparation due the 11.30 resignation of Crosby.  He has got to rise above Brown's short term tactics and diversions and deal with the big picture as I posted earlier.

What others said in case you think I am biased:

Coffee House:

Oh, how Brown must have rued the resignation of Sir James Crosby just before PMQs started.  It gave Cameron the perfect lead-off, and the Tory leader made the most of it.  There was a real sense that Dave was holding Gordon to account today, and he did so with real vim and vigour.  One of Tory leader's best performances.

Conservative Home:

An unmemorable PMQs. Unfocused questions from David Cameron.

Michael White on Twitter:

Missed opportunities all round. GB 3, dave 2 , Nick 3

Guardian Politics:

Probably a draw. Cameron did not really get anywhere with the Crosby line of attack. He was quick on his feet (as ever), very punchy ("even the bankers have apologised") and very funny (the line about Titian was a cracker), but I don't think he developed a new line of attack, or exposed Brown to any fresh line of criticism. Brown held his ground better than he usually did, and the quote from Cameron attacking Brown the regulator was new (at least, to me) and effective.

Nick Robinson:

David Cameron has finally found a way of linking the financial crisis to Gordon Brown, says Nick Robinson. Mr Cameron worries that some members of the public do not yet blame Mr Brown for what has happened to the economy so the Crosby story is a gift from above.

"it's no coincidence" that people often resign before PMQs. That's because, when they come under pressure to produce answers for Downing Street, they sometimes have difficulty.

I doubt the housing expenses issue would have been raised, but with Brown knifing Crosby, the unemployment figures did not get a look in.

Cameron has got it in him to kill Brown off, he just needs to focus more and do the deed.

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